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World Renowned Neuropsychologist Speaks at Blythedale Children's Hospital

Discussion on Traumatic Brain Injuries in Pediatric Patients

Valhalla, NY, July 28, 2017

Prestigious guest speaker Beth S. Slomine, Ph.D., ABPP, of the Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) visited Blythedale Children’s Hospital on Thursday, July 27th, 2017 to deliver a presentation on “Severe TBI in Childhood: Assessment Strategies and Recovery Trajectories”. Dozens of doctors, therapists, researchers, staff & parents were in attendance as part of the monthly “Grand Rounds.”

Dr. Slomine serves as Co-Director of the Center for Brain Injury Recovery and Director of Training & Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Services at KKI.

The packed crowd listened eagerly to Dr. Slomine’s discussion on predicting possible outcomes in pediatric patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The presentation included several years of research performed at KKI geared towards assisting and preparing families for likely results of their child’s TBI based on early characteristics and data. Also emphasized in the hour-long talk was the importance of standardized assessment and routine data collection in trying to answer the future medical questions surrounding pediatric TBI patients.

While acknowledging the strides that have been made in most research literature covering this topic, Dr. Slomine highlighted gaps in some areas, specifically, good assessments for children under 4 years old. As a result, efforts are currently underway to create and validate assessments of this age group to improve TBI predictions.

A little more than a month after Blythedale launched its own traumatic brain injury program, Dr. Jay E. Selman, MD, Chief of Neurology at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, praised Dr. Slomine’s contributions, “The TBI team at Blythedale is building upon the foundations established at KKI to develop methods of systematically evaluating the patients with head trauma as they recover.” Dr. Selman went on to add that this crucial information is being used to guide treatment of many pediatric cases. “We at Blythedale look forward to expanding our collaboration with Dr. Slomine and her team.”

Dr. Jason Carmel, MD, PHD, Director of Research at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, also spoke highly of the internationally acclaimed visitor, “Dr. Slomine is an established leader in defining neurological outcomes after brain injury in children. She has also trained many of the leaders in pediatric neuropsychology who take care of children with brain injury and study recovery.”



(*Photo, from left to right: 

Jason Carmel, MD, PhD-Director of Research, Blythedale Children’s Hospital & Director Motor Recovery Laboratory, Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute, White Plains

Xiaofang Wei, MD-Physiatrist, Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Sophie Nowak-Research Technician, Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Sudhin Shah, PhD-Scientific Director,Traumatic Brain Injuries & Disorders of Consciousness Research Program, Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Heakyung Kim, MD–Chief of PM&R, Blythedale Children’s Hospital & Vice Chair, Dept. of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital

Beth Slomine, PhD, ABPP-Co-Director, Center for Brain Injury Recovery, Director, Training and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Services, Kennedy Krieger Institute

William Watson, PhD–Neuropsychologist, Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Ruth E. Alejandro, MD–Physiatrist, Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Jay E. Selman, MD–Chief of Neurology, Blythedale Children’s Hospital)

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