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Dr. Friel Honored

Blythedale Director of Hemiplegia Research Named 2017 Corbett Ryan Pathways Pioneer Award Winner

On September 15, The American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine presented Kathleen M. Friel, Ph.D. with the 2017 Corbett Ryan Pathways Pioneer Award for her work in brain plasticity and neurorehabilitation. Dr. Friel, who received the prestigious award at the organization's annual meeting in Montreal, Canada last month, was recognized for her years of successful research, motivation and accomplishment of personal and professional goals, positive approach to life, and mission of helping others with cerebral palsy to reach their full potential.

"We are delighted to see Dr. Friel honored by this important organization," said Larry Levine, President & CEO of Blythedale Children's Hospital. "Her commitment to the study of brain plasticity and restoring neurological function in children with brain injury is laudable, while the impact of her work on behalf of children is immeasurable."

At Blythedale, Dr. Friel serves as the Director of Hemiplegia Research through the Burke-Blythedale Pediatric Neuroscience Research Collaboration. She is the lab director of the Clinical Laboratory for Early Brain Injury Recovery, and director of the Early Brain Injury Recovery Clinic at Burke Medical Research Institute. Dr. Friel is also Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Weil Cornell Mediciine. Dr. Friel’s research focuses on the importance of motor activity in cerebral palsy (CP) neurorehabilitation, with a goal of improving hand function in children with CP.  

"Kathleen is a remarkable person and an outstanding scientist," said Dr, Jason Carmel, M.D., Ph.D.,  Director of Research at Blythedale, and Director of the Early Brain Injury Recovery Clinic at Burke Medical Research Institute. "I am thrilled that the largest organization devoted to cerebral palsy has recognized these gifts in her. Kathleen leads the scientific community with her rigorous research. She also inspires us with her perseverance and positive attitude. I am grateful to call Kathleen my colleague and my long-time friend."

About Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Blythedale is New York State’s only independent, specialty children’s hospital and one of only 19 pediatric specialty hospitals in the United States. Serving patients from birth through age 19, Blythedale has the combined staff, expertise and resources – including the largest pediatric therapy department in New York State – to provide exceptional comprehensive care for medically complex children and support for their families. Children are admitted for a variety of medical conditions, including respiratory, traumatic brain injuries, pulmonary hypertension, high tech feeding, complicated trauma, cancer rehabilitation, spinal cord disorders and genetic/neuromuscular disorders. The Hospital is comprised of an 86-bed inpatient unit, a 24-bed long-term care pavilion, and a Day Hospital program. Our goal is to help our patients achieve their rehabilitative goals and return to their families and communities. Through its modern infrastructure and expertise in pediatric neurorehabilitation, Blythedale brings clinical expertise to the Collaboration.

About Burke Medical Research Institute

BMRI, founded in 1978 and located in White Plains, NY, is among the world’s largest free-standing research institutes devoted to nervous system repair. Comprised of more than 100 researchers in 18 laboratories and over 20,000 feet of recently renovated laboratory space, BMRI uses advanced neuroscience methods to understand and treat impairments in movement, vision, cognition, and sensation, including pain. BMRI shares a campus and a mission with the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, an adult rehabilitation hospital that treats patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and Alzheimer’s disease, among other neurological and non-neurological conditions. BMRI is an academic affiliate of Weill Cornell Medicine, the medical school of Cornell University, located in Manhattan. Through its leadership in repair science and its local and Cornell-affiliated resources, BMRI brings research expertise to the Collaboration.