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Blythedale Beyond Borders

Chief of Neurology Speaks at Hospital in Vietnam


Dr. Jay Selman, Chief of Neurology at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, traveled to southeast Asia this past holiday season to give a special presentation at a local children’s hospital. On December 30, 2017, he spoke to the Department of Pediatrics at Da Nang Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Da Nang, Vietnam, at the request of Dr. Huang Tran, Chief of Pediatrics.

The well-attended lectures included a review of epilepsy, seizure types, and the management of status epilepticus. Dr. Selman also reviewed autoimmune encephalitis, especially anti NMDA receptor encephalitis, and his expansive experience at Blythedale with this complex disorder. He gave an overview of the Hospital, describing the services offered, the dedication of the staff, types of diseases treated and the role of an inpatient facility.  Students and faculty at Da Nang Women’s and Children’s Hospital also discussed disease management in a setting where there is minimal to no access to many medications that are readily available in the United States.


After the lectures the pediatricians presented several cases, including a child who had cerebral palsy and a premature baby with severe hypotonia.  The pediatric staff expressed interest in developing a “distance learning” cooperative arrangement with Blythedale.

"I welcomed the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience from Blythedale Children's Hospital with the pediatricians at the Da Nang Women's and Children's Hospital," said Dr. Selman. "Their enthusiasm for learning new information and for sharing their children's needs was impressive."


About Blythedale Children’s Hospital

As New York’s only freestanding, specialty children’s hospital, Blythedale is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of children with medical complexity, not only through superb multi-disciplinary patient care, but also through teaching, research, and advocacy programs. Blythedale’s board-certified physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff (social workers, respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists, Child Life specialists, etc.) and New York State’s largest hospital-based pediatric therapy department work together to provide intensive and innovative multi-disciplinary clinical and therapeutic care to help children achieve their medical and rehabilitative goals for independent living, and return to their communities. Blythedale is also the only Hospital in New York State with its own, on-site public school district.

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